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Presbyterian Villages CEO Roger Myers talks innovation

March 1, 2018 / 10 min watch

President and CEO Roger Myers has created a culture of innovation at Presbyterian Villages of Michigan. He urges leaders to challenge the status quo — to imagine what can be and not just what is.
Learn from Leaders Presbyterian Villages of MichiganWelcome to Learn from Leaders. This month I’d like to introduce you to Roger Myers, president and CEO of Presbyterian Villages of Michigan. With 31 senior living communities, PVM offers a full spectrum of residential options and healthcare services for Michigan seniors and their families.

Roger is not only responsible for the care of the organization’s staff and residents — in this era of constant change and technology breakthroughs, he must keep PVM moving forward and ahead of the curve. How does he do it? By creating a culture of innovation. Roger urges leaders not to get comfortable with the status quo, and instead, imagine what can be. In the video above, Roger and I discuss innovation, collaboration, and keeping up with technology while staying true to core values.

Leadership personality profile

Your leadership approach in one word: Collaborative.

The leadership quality you most admire in others: Curiosity and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Your best piece of business advice:
Encourage more strategic thinking by taking greater (informed) risks.

What you look for when you hire: Action-oriented people with strong interpersonal skills, integrity, and work ethics and other diverse talents that complement PVM’s organizational culture.

To be an effective leader, you cannot…
think that details are less important.

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