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Transitioning the lab from a clinical partner to a business partner

August 17, 2018 Article 3 min read
Duane J. Fitch
As healthcare executives look to reduce costs via outsourcing, internal labs have an opportunity to improve their value, patient care, and business objectives. Consider these strategies to make your clinical lab part of the care team. Read more at LabLeaders.

A picture of a lab technician speaking with two businessmen.

The traditional services provided by a lab — collecting samples, performing tests, delivering results —already make it an important clinical partner, but perhaps not a unique or indispensable one in an era where the C-suite may be looking to trim overhead by outsourcing. However, in-house labs can dramatically amplify their value if they also make themselves good business partners and tie their activities to their organization's strategic goals. No outside lab is in a better position to understand and own those goals. For labs that want to integrate better with their organizations, here are some "how-tos" from the nation's top lab leaders.

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