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March 11, 2020 Article 1 min read
When her daughter asked if they could raise a puppy to serve in the guide dog program, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Kyra Shimizu’s family began a years-long journey to bring freedom and independence to those who need it.
Kyra Shimizu professional photoKyra Shimizu is an audit manager in our Boulder office. She’s also a nine-time puppy foster mom.

Kyra’s journey started when her 11-year-old daughter begged her to raise puppies to serve in the guide dog program, Guide Dogs for the Blind. A woman at church mentioned how her guide dog brought so much value to her life — keeping her safe, giving her freedom and independence, and serving as a companion. This inspired a passion in Kyra and her family to give the same opportunity to other people with impaired vision.

In this short video, Kyra shares the history of Guide Dogs for the Blind, her path to puppy foster-parenthood, and what involvement means to her family. Watch now to learn more about Kyra’s inspiring work that earned her a 2019 Personal Achievement Award from the firm.

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