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January 22, 2021 White Paper 5 min read

While the goals of most family offices remain constant, family office operating models are continually evolving. Learn how current trends and new technologies are giving families unprecedented flexibility when selecting the right family office structure.

A man and woman looking out their window into the yard.More than 10 years have passed since we began discussing the evolution of the family office from a family business using what’s become a widely recognized analogy: the “four kangaroos.” While the main goals of most families and family offices have remained constant in that time frame, what has changed is the degree of complexity around choosing the optimal family office structure today.

A number of factors contribute to this, which we share in “Family Office 5.0: A flexible solution for an evolving family business.” The article also covers:

  • Existing models and how the hybrid model is changing
  • Selecting a model
  • Key steps to building a family office

Flexibility is critical to the success of any family office, and Family Office 5.0 can help families leverage currents trends and new technologies to optimize it.