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The holistic wealth viewpoint

Man in a suit and wearing a mask standing next to a window
1 min read
Five ideas for managing personal wealth during COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic is prompting investors to think about how to best manage personal wealth and finances and to prepare for future crises. We offer five key ideas.
Eric Bowers Wealth Management
Article November 18, 2020 1 min read
Elderly couple in the kitchen using a laptop computer while drinking coffee.
4 min read
Life settlements: Should you sell your life insurance policy?

As investors search for yield, and current tax laws make life settlements potentially more attractive, this may be a good time to consider selling your life insurance policy. Is a life settlement for you? Here's what you need to know.

Mark Meyers Wealth Management
Article November 16, 2020 4 min read
Three people greeting one another with man and woman shaking hands.
4 min read
Independence and objectivity: What incents your investment advisor to act in your best interest?
When it comes to choosing an investment advisor, independence and objectivity are crucial. Is your “independent” advisor fully aligned with your best interests? These five factors can reveal the answer.
John Lesser Wealth Management
Article November 11, 2020 4 min read
A couple smiling and holding hands in an outdoor area.
4 min read
Create a legacy of giving: Engage family members in your donor advised fund

Have a donor-advised fund? A family philanthropy board helps engage loved ones and strengthen your family’s legacy of giving. Our experts explain via American Endowment Foundation

Dawn Jinsky Wealth Management
Article November 9, 2020 4 min read

Deep dive: The holistic wealth viewpoint

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