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Three big questions CEOs should be asking about their supply chain

March 21, 2022 Article 3 min read
Kim Doyle Dave Plomin
Before the pandemic economy brought major disruptions, CEOs tended to view supply chain management as transactional and left it safely to their COOs. In Chief Executive, Kim Doyle and Dave Plomin explain why the time’s come to instead recognize supply chain as a core strategic area they need to be intimately involved with.
A close-up view of a calculator and laptop on a table. Before the pandemic economy brought us clogged ports, empty shelves, and skyrocketing shipping container prices, CEOs typically viewed the supply chain as a transactional issue that could safely be left to their COOs.

But the painful disruptions of the past year have changed that, demanding that CEOs pay much closer attention to the subject and start treating it as a core strategic area that can drive value and performance.

CEOs need to start thinking more strategically about these issues and asking the right questions to ensure the supply chain is resilient and better aligned with the company’s overall goals.

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