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Lisa Plonka discusses holiday 2022 retail trends with Retail TouchPoints

January 26, 2023 Article 3 min read
Lisa Plonka
Consumer goods practice leader Lisa Plonka shares retail-spending trends coming out of the 2022 holiday season with Retail TouchPoints.
Masked shoppers entering a retail store.Wondering what to expect in terms of consumer demand this year? Lisa Plonka, leader of our consumer goods practice, recently discussed consumer spending habits coming out of the 2022 holiday season with Retail TouchPoints’ Bryan Wassel and what these trends suggest for retailers in the consumer goods industry.

Lisa talks about notable changes in retail trends as Americans are increasingly spending more on services, travel, and other activities that were curtailed during the pandemic.

“It’s important for retailers to be prepared for softer consumer demand and to be very aware of changes in customer preferences and spending habits — providing value will be key,” says Lisa.

To read the full article, visit Retail TouchPoints below.

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