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Providers can’t lose sight of ‘where the money is’ under PDPM

April 29, 2019 In The News 3 min read
Denise Leonard
PDPM’s focus on obtaining clinical documentation upfront will require skilled nursing facilities to assess patients thoroughly as early as possible, even prior to admission. Denise Gadomski weighs in via Skilled Nursing News.

 Nurse doing chartsHealthcare Partner Denise Gadomski was quoted at length in a recent article for Skilled Nursing News on the topic of changes to Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM), Medicare’s reimbursement methodology. Medicare will shift from the current Resource Utilization Group (RUG) model to the new PDPM on October 1 this year, and Denise pointed out that one of the biggest changes will be a new focus on getting patient clinical documentation from hospitals as early as possible. “It will be critically important to obtain as much knowledge as we can upfront, prior to admission.”

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