Professional photo of Ashlyn Wilkes.

I travel to Canada every year (sometimes several times a year) with my husband to visit his family and stay at the family cottage in the summertime. Butter tarts, “All Dressed” chips, and peameal sandwiches are my favorite Canadian treats.
Ashlyn Wilkes
Principal, CPA


I serve closely held and private equity ownership companies in the construction industry. My extensive experience includes providing tax, accounting, and business advisory services with expertise in the taxation of flow-through entities, individual tax preparation, and multistate allocation and apportionment.

My clients, who are mostly general contractors, appreciate that I respond in a timely manner and provide tax solutions or strategies. Around the office, I’m known for my work in closely held companies, including ESOP ownership structures — and for being a huge Nebraska Huskers fan!

I was initially attracted to this career because of the “rules,” aka the tax code, but also space for innovation and tax planning for my clients. With more than 10 years’ experience, my greatest accomplishment is being a role model for fellow female accounting professionals in public accounting, specifically in the construction space.

I’m a member of COCPA, AICPA, and am on the Executive Committee for the Nebraska American Legion Auxiliary “Cornhusker” Girls State. I hold two B.S. degrees in accounting and finance from Benedictine College.

When I’m not at work, I go back to Nebraska on a regular basis to visit family and to attend football and volleyball games. I enjoy card games, puzzling, and crafting. My husband and I enjoy traveling and skiing, and I’m a part of a choir at our parish.