Headshot of Jarrod Lynch.

Jarrod Lynch

Senior Manager CPA East Lansing
Specializes In: Tax Real Estate

With three young kids at home, we find ourselves going out much less than we used to. While that has limited our ability to try new restaurants often, it has increased my passion for grilling and outdoor cooking.
Jarrod Lynch
Senior Manager, CPA


I provide tax services, including tax consulting and tax compliance, for a broad range of clients across multiple industries, with a focus on those in real estate and housing and community development.

I lead teams of staff through the preparation process of tax returns and other deliverables. I spend a considerable amount of my time on tax compliance for clients dealing with tax credit incentives that maximize return on investment. This perspective gives me the opportunity to understand the impact of how a deal is structured as it runs through its life cycle and provides great insight and knowledge on opportunities for a variety of transactions.

I’m a frequent attendee at local, regional, and national conferences to stay up to date on the latest tax and industry knowledge. I earned a B.A. in accounting from Alma College, and I’m a member of the AICPA and the MICPA.

When I’m not at the office, I spend most of my time with my wife and three young children. Whether we’re traveling or doing things around the house, most of our daily lives are centered around having ample family time.