Professional photo of Jenna Brown.

I’m a self-taught baker and make elaborate tiered birthday cakes for my children’s birthday.
Jenna Brown
Principal, CPA


I help clients through their tax compliance and planning processes, helping them find appropriate resources and addressing any concerns they may have. Most of my clients are part of the manufacturing, distribution, and service industries. I spend time working with private equity-owner clients, internationally owned clients, and privately held businesses.

I’m also a leader in the Ohio region of the food and beverage industry group and part of the state and local tax team as well as the plastics group.

Clients appreciate that I’m able to boil down complex issues into digestible language and meet deadlines. I have an open communication style and am a client advocate. My colleagues appreciate my lighthearted approach to work; around the office, I’m known for bringing the team together, creating an open environment, being approachable, teaching, and being a great staff developer.

I love to see what my clients do and learn from them. I enjoy seeing the manufacturing process and learning how things are made. I enjoy bringing value to clients, staff, and my family. 

I have more than 10 years’ experience and consider being able to build my team and invest in their future as my greatest accomplishment. I earned my B.S. in business administration from the University of Toledo and my M.Acc. from Ohio State University.

My family takes up a lot of my free time. We enjoy traveling, the zoo, parks, the library, and baseball games. We’ve been to Disney three times. I enjoy watching sports, binge watching TV shows, crafting, and baking.