Headshot of Mike Fitzgerald

Due to my even-keeled personality, people are often surprised that my favorite type of music is heavy metal — VERY heavy metal like Skeletonwitch among others.
Michael Fitzgerald
Partner, CPA


Drawing on my deep tax knowledge, I partner with growing companies to help ensure they’re perfectly positioned for their next chapter — whatever that may be. My expertise includes federal and state income tax planning, consulting, and compliance related to startups as well as mergers and acquisitions and multistate entity operations.

I’m always looking for opportunities to help my clients prepare for, react to, and leverage changes in the tax landscape. Many of my clients are middle-market, privately held organizations — predominantly in the technology, manufacturing, and biosciences industries — and they know I’ll always go the extra mile for them.

In more than 10 years with the firm, I would count my greatest accomplishments as the small moments where I was able to help a colleague or a client through a challenge. I’ve always loved puzzles, and that carries over into the work I do on behalf of my clients every day. It’s extremely satisfying when I’m able to recommend minor adjustments to transactions that make a major cash impact for the people who depend on me.

I’m often asked to speak to clients and to C-suite executives in large, public forums regarding changes in tax law and how to strategically use those changes to your advantage or, in some cases, to minimize the damage. I belong to the AICPA and the Colorado Society of CPAs. I received my B.S. in accounting and my M.S.T. from Notre Dame.

I spend my free time with my wife and two young children outdoors as often as I can manage it. When I need “alone time,” I enjoy motorcycle rides through the foothills and mountains.