Headshot of Michelle McHale-Adams

My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was younger. It’s an amazing skill that sticks with you for life.
Michelle McHale-Adams
Partner, CPA/CFF, CFE


With expertise in fraud, forensic accounting, damage/loss analysis, and insurance claim analysis, I work with clients to resolve anomalies or unusual transactions that warrant an investigation. As no industry is immune to fraud, I work across all sectors to help companies move forward with their businesses. If you’ve ever seen the movie, The Accountant, that’s what we do every day. Minus the guns, of course.

When clients have an urgent problem, they’re distraught, they’re not sleeping, and they look to us for an immediate response. We quickly act as a triage team to pinpoint the source of the damage, stop the fraud, and quantify the losses. After more than 20 years performing forensic work, I’ve seen almost every problem a client can have, and nothing surprises me.

I’m proud of the forensic investigative team we’ve established. We’ve broadened the firm’s name recognition in this area as we’ve increased client services and solidified our reputation as an immediate responder.

I’m often asked to speak to various organizations and industry professionals on fraud and forensics. I belong to the AICPA and the MICPA where I was the Fraud Task Force chair. I have a B.B.B in accountancy from Walsh College. A proud lover of the arts, I support the not-for-profit group Artists Creating Together.

On vacation, I love restoring my vitamin D in Mexico with my husband. I have a passion for shopping and would love to adopt more rescue dogs beyond our current two — Lucy and Hank.