100 years: A story greater than the number.

Count on us

You have milestones to reach, growth to achieve, and people to invest in. You have financial objectives, communities to support, and customers who rely on you. You have values that define the future you’re creating — and every day, you make decisions where that future hangs in the balance.

So, why work with Plante Moran to meet your goals? Because for 100 years, we’ve provided our clients with advisors, ideas, and breakthrough strategies they can count on. Many organizations hire us for expertise or a solution, but they stay with us for the personal relationships, high quality, and dedication they can’t get from any other advisor.

Our clients and staff are the story of Plante Moran’s centennial. And we’re moving forward — together.

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A centennial is a milestone worth celebrating. Here’s what we’re up to.

Our history

We haven’t just been building a firm for 100 years. We’ve been building a future with our clients at the forefront.

Where can our experience take you? See how we'll put our thinking to work.