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Better Made Snack Foods: Keeping little traditions going strong

June 5, 2024 Case Study 4 min watch
Better Made snacks have been beloved by millions since 1930. While they’re famous for consistently delicious potato chips, they’ve captured hearts by making those little moments for families and friends even more special. Here’s how they count on us.

Ask anyone in Michigan, the Midwest, or across the country their favorite snack, and there’s a good chance they’ll say, “Better Made chips.” It all started nearly 100 years ago; amid the Great Depression, Cross Moceri and Peter Cipriano started making potato chips from their garage in Michigan and distributing them along their milk-delivery route. The chips became so popular that the two men founded Cross & Peters Company and bought a potato chip factory in Detroit, and Better Made was officially born.

From supporting the local economy through its employment and operational practices to being a cherished childhood memory, Better Made has made it its mission to improve and sustain Detroit — and the people who call it home. And for almost 50 years, they’ve counted on us to help support those who count on them.

Our legacy is 100 years in the making — and that’s why you can count on us. 

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