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Supercharge your risk management through data automation

Presented By:
Kyle Sutton Caroline Main Natalia Villegas Franco
Jan. 23, 2024
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Experts from Plante Moran’s data analytics team will discuss the application of Alteryx technology solutions to improve and expedite internal audit activities.
Business professional talking to their clients about risk management.A wide range of considerations come with introducing or improving new systems for business support and risk management. But done strategically, organizations can streamline data management and technology oversight through automation and improve cost savings and overall audit functions in the process. In this webinar, Plante Moran experts from our dedicated data analytics team will provide valuable insights into the Alteryx audit support capabilities. They’ll share actionable solutions and dashboard examples to demonstrate how automation can help manage risk in your organization. We welcome you to join us to expand your knowledge and Alteryx capabilities to move your organization forward.

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key features and functionalities of Alteryx that can be used for managing risk.
  • Recognize risk factors in your organization that can be addressed with Alteryx.
  • Understand how Alteryx can be used to power automated audit functions.


  • Caroline Main, Senior manager, Plante Moran
  • Kyle Sutton, Senior manager, Plante Moran


  • Natalia Villegas Franco, Manager, Plante Moran

Logo lockup of Alteryx and Plante Moran.

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