Our Expertise

Our K-12 experts bring education leaders practical solutions to help them provide exceptional educational opportunities for students despite tight budgets.

We serve more than 200 educational institutions, including K-12 districts, intermediate school districts, private schools, and public school academies. With knowledge gained over six decades of auditing and assisting schools, our team of K-12 specialists can help your district prepare for school accounting and auditing changes, and we work with you and your school board to anticipate challenges, manage risk, and streamline operations. We help identify new ways to leverage technology, protect your district from cybersecurity threats, improve operations, contain costs, and address aging facilities without overburdening already-constrained budgets. We perform more than 600 single audits annually, serving school districts, governments, higher education, not-for-profit, and healthcare throughout the nation. The annual expenditures for government programs audited range from $750,000 to $1 billion. 


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Client Experience

Our Team

Our team of more than 150 education experts includes CPAs, technology professionals, management consultants, forensic accountants, and facilities/construction advisors who have dedicated their careers to serving education clients. We understand the challenges you face. As trusted advisors to hundreds of K-12 school districts, we take our commitment to the education community seriously, continuously monitoring activity at the federal, state, and local levels. We stay on top of the changes and trends that impact your schools and share our analysis and insights to help you adapt.

Our clients say

Our district has experienced exponential growth over the past decade. As a result, our ERP solution no longer met our needs, and we knew that replacing our legacy technology would be a big project.

Plante Moran helped us find a scalable solution to support our current and future needs. They took the time to fully understand our requirements so that we could clearly envision our desired future state. In addition to their K-12 experience and knowledge of the marketplace — which were invaluable — they brought their project management acumen to keep us on track, meet all milestones, and anticipate potential stumbling blocks. They managed vendor relationships and advocated for our interests to ensure a successful outcome, so that we could extract the most value from our new system.

We appreciated the team’s expertise, professionalism, and partnership and highly recommend Plante Moran.

Donna Eurek
MIS Executive Director, Prosper ISD

We switched to Plante Moran for our 2023 audit, and I am very happy with our first year experience. My biggest takeaways are the team's professionalism and how well they know the K12 education industry as a whole.

When switching auditors, it can be very difficult to get new folks up to speed, but there was really no down time with PM because they just knew so much about our industry. Their K12 staffing resources are impressive as well; we had 5-7 staff assigned to complete our audit, which is more than we've seen previously. They got right to work, and their personalities were a great match with my team. As a result, we met all our timeline goals and presented the audit results to the Board of Education without any hiccups.

When I speak with other districts around the state, I'm proud to say we use Plante Moran. I really do believe they come with great breadth and depth of K12 knowledge, and I'm excited to work with the team going forward. I highly recommend them.

Jonathan Levesque
Chief Financial Officer, Littleton Public Schools

I can’t say enough good things about the team, they are incredible to work with, and they are very diligent and very detailed. I have worked with a ton of consultants, and what I appreciated most was that Plante Moran never acted like outside consultants. They truly became part of our family, and they took ownership and felt a great deal of responsibility for successful outcomes along with us. I knew we weren’t alone, we were truly partners.

Tammy Evans
Assistant Superintendent and Chief Information Officer, Oakland Schools