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New rules for IMMEX companies importing sensitive goods

March 6, 2017 Blog 1 min read
These come with a narrow, four-month authorization period, so be sure to keep track of all sensitive goods imported on a temporary basis.

At the end of January, new rules went into effect for companies operating as maquiladoras and temporarily importing sensitive goods under Mexico’s IMMEX program.

The most notable change is the new time frame for the authorization to temporarily import sensitive goods. Such goods may remain in Mexico for a maximum of four months.

Sensitive goods include tire cutouts or tire waste, sugar products, steel, iron and metal castings, textiles, and aluminum, among other items and materials.

While not an all-inclusive list of the new requirements, companies certified under IMMEX and temporarily importing sensitive goods must provide:

  1. Documentation of the sensitive goods to be temporarily imported and the finished goods to be exported.
  2. Details about the companies to which the finished products will be transferred.
  3. A detailed report, issued by a Mexican Registered Public Accountant, containing required company information, such as production capacity, nature of the products being manufactured, and employee information, among other data.

Given the significant change in the length of the authorization period, we’re urging our clients who operate in Mexico to use their controls and processes to keep appropriate track of all sensitive goods imported on a temporary basis and to adhere to the four-month authorization.

Note that companies that have been granted a VAT certification by the Mexican tax authorities are exempt from obtaining the authorization to import sensitive goods under the new regulations.

If you have questions about what constitutes sensitive goods, the new rules, or the IMMEX program, contact the Plante Moran Global Services team.

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