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Is your organization challenged to overcome underperforming business segments, liquidity constraints, significant financial losses, rapid growth, or loan covenant violations? An outside perspective can help. When you partner with us, you’ll receive actionable steps and expert analysis to help you turn your business around.

Because time and trust are crucial factors during crisis, our turnaround experts will quickly assess your situation and drive rapid stabilization and improvement. Whether your organization’s distress was triggered internally or by marketplace dynamics, we’ll help you quickly evaluate alternatives and take the best path forward to benefit all stakeholders. Our restructuring and business transformation experts will help with financial and operational strategies, and implement practical and actionable short- and long-term solutions that accelerate improvement and preserve value.

Services to improve, profitability, liquidity, and enterprise value

Whether you want advice to propel change on your own or you want help implementing forward-thinking strategies, we have solutions tailored for you. Our independent and fresh perspective will help you remove obstacles and accelerate improvement.

Bankruptcy services
Are you at risk for Chapter 11? If the only feasible strategy to preserve value is a bankruptcy reorganization, the sale of the business, or a managed wind-down, our consultants help you formulate potential outcomes, optimize recoveries, and develop a detailed response plan.
Cost and margin intelligence
Do you know which customers, products, and services are most profitable? Our cost management solutions — including cost modeling, benchmarking, and quoting models — help you overcome incomplete analysis, make more informed decisions, and better understand your product lines.
Credit advisory
Do you need help evaluating your options when a customer is having difficulty maintaining their financial commitments? We’ll help you understand your options by assessing your debtor’s assets, operations, and viability. We'll use our analytics capabilities to clarify alternative actions and obtain fair settlements and, as necessary, provide negotiation assistance, forensic analysis, and enterprise valuation.
Financial restructuring
Do you need to restore and maintain a strong cash position? We’ll analyze the key risks to your organization and provide valuable third-party insight, identifying quick opportunities for improvement as well as longer-term options for sustained financial health.
Interim management
Are you confident you have the resources and talent to help steer the turnaround process? Having a skilled leader when resources are constrained can help you navigate uncertainty and drive performance improvement and stability. We provide assistance for critical positions, such as chief restructuring officer, CFO, COO, plant manager, and production launch lead.
Operations and process improvement
Operations and process improvement: Could you be doing more to stay ahead of the competition? Our operations improvement group offers a full spectrum of integrated operational, financial, strategic, human capital, and technology services to help you understand your true financial performance, reduce costs, and boost your bottom line.
Transaction assistance
Are you considering selling all or parts of your business? We can help you make informed decisions, maximize the value of your business, and close deals.

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Healthy business risk paves the way for opportunity and growth. The first step is shifting your mindset.

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Don’t weather the storm alone

You might not have experienced these difficulties before, but we have — and we know what’s required to sustain and improve performance. Our specific industry knowledge and ability to quickly assess and deeply understand the dynamics of your situation will be the building blocks of your successful crisis management strategy.