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IMMEX companies: Changes to temporary importation of sensitive goods coming your way

December 5, 2018 Article 1 min read
Alejandro A. Rodriguez Julio Valdez Scott Sneckenberger

The Mexican Ministry of Economy has proposed an amendment to the IMMEX Decree that could significantly affect companies that import sensitive goods.

Two shipping and receiving specialists evaluating importation of sensitive goods.

A recent proposal announced by the Mexican Ministry of Economy could affect IMMEX companies that utilize their value-added tax certification (VAT) to import materials labeled as sensitive by the Mexican authorities. Under the current rules, VAT certified companies are permitted to temporarily import sensitive goods without obtaining a separate license or approval.

If the proposal is approved, many IMMEX companies with a VAT certification would be required to file an extension of their IMMEX license in order to import sensitive materials on a temporary basis. Filing for a new extension could become a cumbersome and time-consuming process.

For more information or assistance in compliance with these new requirements, please contact our international consulting team.

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