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January 9, 2019 Video 5 min watch
Customer loyalty, consistent revenue streams, and high profit margins are driving demand for luxury consumer brands among private equity investors. We chat with Winona Capital about how they’re accelerating revenue growth, expanding profits, and building brands in this luxury market.

The premium consumer market includes luxury items like expensive vehicles, high-end watches, and designer clothing, along with relatively inexpensive offerings such as apparel, lifestyle, and sports and recreation products. The market is defined by dynamism, resiliency, and a loyal and passionate consumer base. Chicago-based Winona Capital has been drawn to this market because of its loyal and passionate consumer base, as well as its association with high-profit margins and insulation from recessionary forces.

An overwhelming majority of growth in the luxury market is coming from younger generations of customers, whose purchasing habits, values, and technology literacy are prompting companies to adjust their strategies. Winona believes the key to accelerating revenue growth is tapping into the technology change that's influencing the industry, including advancements in augmented reality.

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