Sell-Side Due Diligence

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Optimize your sale value

Conducting sell-side due diligence prior to taking your company to market will help make your company more marketable, avoid surprises once potential buyers conduct their own diligence, expedite the sale process, and bring more certainty to close. Our approach includes a quality of earnings analysis, working capital assessment, tax compliance, tax structuring, and purchase price allocation analysis. Our experts are very thorough in their approach, looking beyond the reported financials to provide insights into potential issues that ultimately improve buyer and lender confidence.

Our approach provides you with a buy-side perspective, providing clarity on what exactly buyers will focus on, along with how they will view recent trends, EBITDA adjustments, and other issues identified during the process. By sharing our quality of earnings report with potential buyers early in the process, they can submit a letter of intent based on fully vetted information. This helps avoid purchase price adjustments due to issues normally uncovered later in the process.

Sell-side due diligence also shortens the time to close by allowing the buyer to complete their own diligence more quickly. Most of what the buyer aims to accomplish will have already been completed, data will already be readily available and organized appropriately, and your management team will be well versed on any potential issues raised. While this approach saves you and your team valuable time, it also keeps your transaction on track.


Critical due diligence considerations

Buying or selling a business can be risky, but the potential growth and new opportunities can be transformative. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, it is imperative that private equity firms take a comprehensive approach to due diligence.

Private equity exit planning strategies

Preparation is key to a strong and successful private equity exit but there’s a lot to consider. Our experts help private equity firms focus on the most important strategies to mitigate surprises, accelerate closing, and ensure maximum investment returns.

Six critical due diligence considerations for private equity. Discover strategies to mitigate uncertainties and invest with greater confidence.


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Client Experience

Honest and strategic advice

We know that time is a limited resource. Our transaction advisory specialists understand the intricacies of your industry. No matter if your deal is simple or complex, chances are we’ve seen it — and we know what drives value. Our experts will help you maximize your sale price.

“We know a sale can be an emotionally charged undertaking,” says Matt Petrucci, transaction services leader. “We bring decades of experience to the sales process, and will provide honest, objective advice — even if it’s something that’s difficult to hear. You’ve spent years investing in your business; you can trust we’ll guide you down the best path to maximize the return on your investment.”

Our clients say

Our Plante Moran professionals really stay focused on what is important in a financial statement. They don’t waste time on things that don’t matter. They don’t interfere with our day-to-day lives. And they are considerate. They do things on our schedule. Most importantly, they have helped us transition from the mindset of a privately owned company to one owned by private equity investors. They remind us that it’s important to share information and avoid surprises. We greatly benefit from their experience serving other companies that have been bought by private equity groups.


Paula Sidlowski
CFO, Hughes Associates Inc.