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Listen now: “Developing your ESG strategy with Laurie Hoose” 

July 1, 2022 Podcast 29 min listen
Laurie Hoose
ESG expert Laurie Hoose joined the “Oil and Gas Accounting Podcast” to discuss the evolution of ESG, the significance of social and governance issues for the oil and gas industry, and the building blocks of a strong ESG strategy.
Professionals walking and talkingIn the most recent episode of the “Oil and Gas Accounting Podcast” with Phil Sherwood and Tom Wierman, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) expert Laurie Hoose discusses the growing importance of an effective ESG program for any company and why the oil and gas industry needs to pay attention to social and governance issues right now. A company’s policies around ESG have become more important than ever to a long list of stakeholders — from investors and consumers to current staff and even future talent. Laurie shares changes with ESG over the past year and how companies can begin to develop a strong ESG strategy.

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