Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)

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Increase transparency with a clear strategy for ESG

Do you have a plan in place for environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) reporting? ESG is growing in importance for many organizations, and if you’ve prioritized developing an ESG strategy but don’t know where to begin, we can help. An ESG program will make it easier to respond to stakeholder requests for transparency and align nonfinancial opportunities and impacts with the organization’s strategic goals. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from ESG consulting to build their ESG strategy and reporting.

Advisory services
Is a third party such as a corporate customer, investor, or vendor requesting nonfinancial disclosures? Our ESG advisory experts can coordinate responses for ESG disclosure systems (e.g., CDP, EcoValdis, M2030), conduct peer benchmarking, and advise on upcoming regulations or compliance requirements. We’ll help develop strategies to improve your ESG performance and compliance scores.
Assessments are an essential first step for any ESG program. As part of our assessment activities, we’ll review all your current programs related to ESG, define key stakeholders and program goals, conduct a materiality assessment, identify gaps, and help design an ESG program roadmap.
ESG program implementation
Our experts help with end-to-end ESG program implementation from creating your holistic ESG strategy to facilitating data collection through reporting in alignment with relevant frameworks and standards. We develop your program governance and structure and create a process for monitoring goals and ensuring timely disclosures.

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Client Experience

An active partner in your ESG journey

ESG standards, regulations, and trends are evolving at a breakneck pace. We’ll help you focus your ESG strategy on what’s important to your organization and stakeholders. As an active partner, we’ll keep you up to date on regulatory changes that impact you.

Take it from Plante Moran’s ESG leader Laurie Hoose: “Materiality differs for every organization, based on their industry, geography, market, and stakeholders, and organizations differ in which aspects of environmental, social, and governance bear greater significance. We take a personalized approach to meet you where you are on your ESG journey and ensure you’re mitigating risks, staying ahead of regulations, and uncovering opportunities.”