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New healthcare startup is the “Amazon of direct primary care”

October 30, 2019 In The News 3 min read
Jonathon Trionfi
PMGBA’s Jonathon Trionfi recently spoke with Employee Benefit Advisor and shared insight on the direct primary care movement and some of the challenges of integrating it into an employer’s benefit plan. Read more at Employee Benefit Advisor.
Doctor meeting patientEmployee Benefit Advisor released an article discussing how EqualHealth, a Detroit-based startup, is helping self-insured groups access and implement fee-based direct primary care service models. The modern healthcare system is in need of change, and direct primary care could lead to a higher quality, more affordable way to get primary care.

Plante Moran Group Benefit Advisor’s principal Jonathon Trionfi weighs in stating, “The more common direct primary care offices we see now are more price-accessible to the consumer, but many still are not properly equipped to integrate with an employer’s benefit plan.” EqualHealth, however, does integrate into employer’s benefit plans, and the company works with benefits advisors who are either well-versed in primary care or discovering ways to help their clients change up their health benefits. Jonathon went on to state, “The simplest reason we are working with EqualHealth is that we are unaware of anybody else providing the exact same service in the direct primary care industry. EqualHealth is effectively acting as the Amazon of direct primary care by bringing employers and DPC providers together in a way that simplifies the transactional costs of doing so.”

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