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Automotive Insiders podcast: Demand, adoption, and supply chain

May 18, 2022 In The News 15 min listen
Daron Gifford Mark Barrott
Automotive experts Mark Barrott and Daron Gifford discuss electrification and the outlook of EV adoption with Jason Stein in a recent episode of Automotive Insiders podcast: Demand, adoption, and supply chain.
Family loading the back of car together with supplies.In the most recent episode of Automotive Insiders with Jason Stein, Plante Moran automotive experts Daron Gifford and Mark Barrott discuss the complications that come with increasing mass EV adoption. How can we build a strong electric infrastructure to support future demand? Demand for EVs is growing quickly, but the cost of transitioning from internal combustion engines to EV is significant, and there are lingering issues that are surfacing at a rapid clip. Listen as our experts weigh in on demand, adoption, and supply chain preparedness.

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