Beyond the battery: EV value chain

The future of mobility is electric

The EV value chain encompasses everything from upstream to downstream, raw materials to dealerships, charging stations, EV component recycling, and more. The transition to electric will impact everything an OEM, supplier, investor, or other auto stakeholder touches. Your strategy needs to go well beyond just the battery — creating a holistic strategy requires informed analysis, data-fueled insights, and a comprehensive outlook on the future of the automotive industry. That’s why we developed our EV value chain projections, models, benchmarks, and other insights to help you navigate the complex future of the EV landscape.

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A deeper look into the future of vehicle electrification

Our EV value chain model defines the speed, pace, and extent of the changes you can expect as EV adoption continues to rise and production of internal combustion engines decline. Our data and insights are designed to prepare you for the future of mobility and equip your company to face the new challenges and opportunities ahead. This proprietary forecast will help any company that works with the auto industry — startups, established OEMs, suppliers, investors, and more — create a data-driven strategy for navigating the switch to EVs.
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Are you prepared for ICE to EV transition? It's now or never.

Navigating the shift to electric

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Accelerated strategies for sustainable success

The fast and furious transition to electric will wait for no one. Let’s build a data-driven strategy to keep your organization up to speed and ready for anything. Maybe you’re looking to fill capabilities gaps through M&A growth, or perhaps it’s time to consider divestitures and restructuring. Whatever your goal, we’ll meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.
Mergers and acquisitions
We’ll help you execute your M&A growth strategy by moving you through every step of the transaction process, from target selection and due diligence to seamless post-merger integration.
Real estate advisors
The right real estate strategy can have a major impact on your efficiency and sustainability. Our commercial real estate advisors will help you optimize your footprint so you can make the most profit with the lowest liability.

Our strategy consultants review market dynamics analysis, conduct vision and strategy discovery, assess core competencies, and build and refine your business model to capitalize on the transition to EV.

Technology and data analytics
Is your technology serving your strategic plan? Our technology consultants help you ensure your systems are effectively integrated and your data is driving informed decision-making.
Transaction advisory services
Do you have the talent and competencies to keep up with a rapidly transforming industry? Our transaction advisory consultants will help you explore an M&A strategy, with expertise in buy- and sell-side due diligence, valuation, and post-merger integration.

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