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Economic decoupling: Breaking up is hard to do

December 19, 2023 In The News 5 min read
Lou Longo
In, Lou Longo discusses the interrelated and ever-evolving dynamics between the United States, Russia, and China and how they affect global economies and individual businesses alike.
American, Russian, and Chinese flags against a blue sky.Reminiscent of Cold War contention, last year’s invasion of Ukraine resulted in extremely frigid relations between Russia and the United States. Layer in the mounting tensions between the United States and China, and the global economy became even more unstable and risky for foreign investment.

While the strained relationship with Russia has stunted some industries and affected economic growth, it pales in comparison to the potential impacts of a decoupling between the United States and China. It is difficult to fathom the economic effects on markets, ways of life, and today’s highly interconnected global economy.

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