Photo of Eric Wydra

I’m the president of the Michigan Chapter of SAG-AFTRA. Even if I only make one or two acting commitments each year, it helps keep the right and left halves of my brain in balance.

Eric Wydra
Office Managing Partner, CPA


My clients appreciate that I stay relatively calm, even in the face of impending tax deadlines — something that’s not always easy to do. For my high net worth clients, my goals are to minimize their taxation and maximize their after-tax cash value. I help them transition their businesses or their investments to the next generation and help them fulfill their charitable intentions.

I also work with clients in the services industry, primarily law firms and architectural and engineering firms, and I have a focus on auto dealerships. I advise these clients on compensation plans, multistate tax-planning strategies, and how to minimize entity taxation.

Around the office, I’m known for my “management by walking around” style. I like to stay engaged and let younger staff know I’m invested in them. I served as the Southfield tax director for nine years before transferring to the Detroit office and serving in that role for four and half years. In this role, I’ve gained a detailed knowledge of business and personal tax issues that I’m always sharing with my immediate team and the rest of the tax department.  I am enthused to now lead the Detroit office as office managing partner.

Outside of work, I love traveling. I’ve been to six of the seven continents. I’ve also been a contestant on three game shows — and I’ve won prizes on two of them. Acting is one of my favorite past times.

As a member of PM’s Spirit and Principles group, I attend a handful of internal trainings each year where I talk about the philosophies of the firm. I feel it’s important to keep our stories alive. I’m a member of the AICPA and the MICPA, and I have a B.B.A. from the University of Michigan.