Headshot of Evan Honour

As an undergraduate, I created an app to help companies with campus recruiting. Although my dorm room startup didn’t go public, I learned valuable lessons about strategy and technology, and had a passable excuse for a few semesters with suboptimal grades.

Evan Honour
Senior Manager


I work with industrial companies in a variety of manufacturing, distribution, and service industries on strategic technology projects, such as overall roadmap development, vendor sourcing, and program management. I also specialize in helping clients navigate technology complexities related to mergers & acquisitions – such as by completing technical diligence, structuring TSAs, negotiating with vendors, and implementing post-merger integration plans.

I've been fortunate to advise startups in industries such as med tech and automotive, as well longstanding, multinational, public enterprises. Although the specific circumstances and goals may vary by each project – there is always an element of organizational change that every client, regardless of size, sector, or geo, will experience and that I enjoy working through. If asked what they appreciate about my approach to projects, I believe most clients would say my practicality, analytical mindset, and ability to bridge technical and business goals.

I have a B.A. in finance with a specialization in information technology from Michigan State University, and an M.S. in information systems from Northwestern University. In addition, I’m a Certified Project Management Professional through the Project Management Institute.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing tennis, biking the Chicago lakeshore, networking, and volunteering.