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Achieve successful merger and acquisition (M&A) outcomes through strategic technology management

In M&A, speed is one of the most crucial factors in executing deals. While it’s important to move fast, it shouldn’t happen at the cost of other aspects of the M&A life cycle — especially technology. Technology is the driving force behind operational efficiency, which in turn drives profitability.

That’s why incorporating technology into the strategy and planning, due diligence, and post-integration phases is integral to achieve value creation. If you want to ensure a successful, accelerated transaction, you need an M&A advisor you can trust to help you quickly close deals while remaining focused on the information technology that minimizes risk, creates value, and fosters growth.

It’s critical to have a technology strategy that supports your goals and delivers results. Here’s how we’ll work together.

Tools and strategies for every stage of the technology M&A life cycle

No matter where you are in the process, or the specifics of your transaction, our experts can help. We have the experience, specific industry expertise, and customized approach you need to close deals with speed and precision — and receive the maximum value from your investment.

Bring technology into the deal

Our due diligence services are holistic, meaning we assess the entire spectrum of a company’s people, processes, and technology. Using a series of questions and benchmarks, we provide a maturity scorecard evaluating the four most critical aspects of their IT capabilities: support, infrastructure, digital platforms, and cybersecurity.

Custom methodologies to create value

Beyond due diligence, our portfolio of technology consulting services and custom methodologies are designed to help you realize the value creation thesis of your investments and scale with your needs. Our experts can provide comprehensive managed IT services, cybersecurity, operating model design, roadmaps, business analytics, post-merger integration, and remediation services to grow capabilities and create value for when it’s time to sell.

Divestitures and carve-outs
Having performed hundreds of technology M&A projects, we have ready-made customizable playbooks, tools, and templates to make separation projects easier. These pre-built plans can accelerate the process and secure results quickly and efficiently so you can move fast and with purpose.
Platform integration services
Our technology experts can help you rationalize, modernize, or consolidate platforms; evolve and capitalize on the connected value of cloud-based solutions and networks; and harness the power of integrated data, reporting, and analytics across an environment of disparate disparate ERPs or other enterprise applications. Our post-merger integration strategies will unify your organization and ensure an optimal ROI.
SaaS due diligence

We have advanced due diligence capabilities for software as a service (SaaS) companies, too. We use proprietary software called CAST3, which analyzes the source code of software assets and provides insights into the viability of the product. We’ll help you develop a full understanding of the present limitations, future possibilities, and potential risks.


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Client Experience

Building relationships with trust and purpose

The complexity and speed inherent to most transactions means you need an expert in your corner who’s invested in your success. We go out of our way to build meaningful, purpose-driven relationships based on mutual trust and a shared focus on creating exceptional outcomes. We want to be your first call, whether you’re evaluating a new target, preparing to sell, or looking to optimize your investment post-merger.

Partner Craig Zampa knows this is a differentiator: “When my clients reach out to me, it’s because they know I’m going to take the time to understand their needs, provide objective advice, and — most importantly — put in the legwork to make their goals a reality. You can’t do anything in this space without a lot of trust, and I put a lot of effort into making sure my clients feel valued, respected, and heard.”