Professional photo of Gabriel Cisnero.

I love music and have dabbled in a few instruments, including the guitar and piano.
Gabriel Cisneros
Senior Manager


As a leader within the managed services provider (MSP) environment, my responsibilities are multifaceted and deeply entrenched in both the strategic and operational dimensions of service delivery, with a pronounced focus on cybersecurity infrastructure.

I focus on the development and delivery of our service capabilities, thereby ensuring that the service value proposition isn’t only met but exceeded. This involves a continuous analytical assessment of market trends, technological advancements, and emerging client needs, thereby ensuring that our service portfolio remains both relevant and competitive.

From a technical standpoint, I spearhead the cybersecurity domain within our team, ensuring the implementation of a sophisticated technology stack that addresses the multifarious nature of cyber threats.

Clients appreciate that I possess a deep understanding of their unique needs and objectives, and am adept at distilling complex technological concepts into clear, actionable insights. This approach not only demystifies the technological landscape for them but also ensures that our solutions are precisely tailored to their specific requirements, with a steadfast focus on delivery and tangible outcomes.

Colleagues know me for my dashing good looks and boyish charm. (Or my keen sense of humor. That was a joke.) Despite my quiet and reserved nature, I’m recognized for my attentive listening skills and ability to foster strong team dynamics. In challenging circumstances, colleagues know me as the go-to individual, someone who can seamlessly step into critical roles, navigate complex situations with empathy and logic, and guide the team toward resolution. This reputation underscores my capacity to lead with calmness and clarity, even under pressure.

I was attracted to this career because of my innate curiosity and passion for problem solving. From a young age, I was drawn to the challenge of dismantling objects to understand their inner workings, then meticulously reassembling them — not just to restore their function but to enhance it. This self-driven exploration and learning sparked my initial fascination with computers.

As my career evolved, my motivations deepened beyond the technical aspects. The genuine satisfaction derived from leveraging my skills to help others navigate and resolve their technological challenges became a significant driving force. The ability to translate complex technical solutions into tangible benefits for people, enhancing their work and life through technology, has been incredibly rewarding and has cemented my commitment to this field.

I began my journey in the technology field at the young age of 15, starting as an intern within the technology department of my public school system. While pursuing my B.A. in computer information systems, I continued to immerse myself in the field by working part time for the IT department of my college. Balancing academic studies with hands-on work experience allowed me to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical applications, enriching my understanding and skills in a way classroom learning alone could not.

I earned my B.A. in computer information systems from Metropolitan State University of Denver. I’m an ISACA member.

As father of a young family, I spend my free time invested in their school and sports.