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Public sector tech trends: A modernization guidebook

February 2, 2022 White Paper 20 min read
Mike Riffel Deepak Agarwal Mark Richards Matthew Bohdan Alex Brown Scott Patton Kyle Macyda Stephanie Henry
The public sector is undergoing a fundamental shift to meet demands like remote work, digital services, modernizing legacy systems, real-time data intelligence, and risk management. Our guidebook helps you build a resilient, secure, and data-driven organization.
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Delivering mission-critical services while looking to the future — that’s the growing demand on government and educational leaders. But what does it mean to empower citizens and stakeholders, embrace digital transformation, and accelerate change under the watchful eye of residents, staff, students, neighboring communities and states, and constitutions? It means accessing where your digital initiatives are today. Then, creating a roadmap to achieve digital maturity — set goals and make action plans to improve operations, break down silos, and integrate new technologies for a resilient, secure, and data-driven organization. Wherever you are in your journey, our guidebook will help you embrace modern technology, mitigate risk, and move forward with confidence:

  • Building a better public sector through IT modernization. Demands, expectations, and risks are rising, and the aging technology relied on for decades is no longer up to the challenge. Embracing the cloud and other mainstream, leading-edge technologies can provide the tools you need to deliver better services, improve security, and realize new efficiencies and cost savings.
  • Managing change is the key to IT transformation success. Effective change management is at the heart of every technology project. Helping those impacted by IT modernization — from decision-makers to staff to constituents — understand what the future state looks like and what it means to them is vital to launching the transformation.
  • Emerging technologies have much to offer the public sector. Emerging technologies such as AI and blockchain aren’t just for the private sector — they have enormous potential for public sector organizations. Adopting emerging technologies can help improve operations, achieve efficiencies, reduce costs, enhance services, and recruit fresh talent.
  • The Analytics Center of Excellence. Public sector organizations have access to a wealth of data. However, they don’t always have a way to transform that data into insights that can lead to better, more informed decisions. Building a successful analytics program requires a solid foundation that supports the organization’s vision, scaling, and adapting to changing needs: It takes an Analytics Center of Excellence.
  • Managing risk with new approaches. The public sector faces a growing and increasingly complex world of risk. The move to adopt new technologies such as cloud-based services can lead to new and unexpected risks. Understanding and managing these risks requires organizations to take a new approach to risk management — one that puts security and trust at the very foundation of everything they do.

Digital transformation doesn’t have to mean reinventing your whole organization. But it does involve rethinking how you use technology, people, and processes to deliver cost-effective services, prepare for disruption, and enhance public trust. It’s time to take action to accelerate digital transformation. 

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