Headshot of Hiro Kishinaka

I was born in rural Japan, and have one sibling — my brother — who lives in Australia.

Hiro Kishinaka


I specialize in corporate tax matters for Japanese-owned manufacturing and distribution companies. I’m also responsible for practice development efforts for Japanese business services in Ohio and Kentucky. Additionally, I identify issues and solutions and provide information and insights for clients on a broad range of topics such as international tax and manufacturer-specific tax-saving opportunities.

I was attracted to this career because of the opportunity to help companies improve their business. My clients appreciate my timely updates on complicated Japanese tax matters and tax-saving opportunities. Around the office, I’m known for my knowledge and experience in international manufacturing and distribution tax matters.

With more than 15 years of professional experience, my greatest accomplishment has been being part of a great group of Japanese-speaking professionals who enjoy helping clients globally. I’ve presented at numerous seminars throughout the Midwest on tax matters related to Japanese-owned companies. I’ve also spoken at webinars hosted by SelectUSA and JETRO and internally by the firm.

I’m involved with many Japanese American not-for-profit organizations throughout the Midwest such as the Japanese America Society of Central Ohio, the Central Ohio Japanese Association of Commerce, and the Japanese Association of Northeast Ohio. I received my M.B.A in business administration from California State University East Bay.

When I’m not helping clients, I enjoy traveling as much as I can, especially to countries where I don’t speak the local language. I have two young sons, so my free time is mostly devoted to them.