Professional photo of James Drybanski

Growing up, I was an expert-class cross-country mountain biker, competing all across New England. I had my share of race wins and, of course, epic crashes.
James Drybanski
Partner, CFA


Specializing in business valuation, I help clients achieve the most accurate and favorable valuation, and complete the optimal deal for each specific situation. My clients include food and beverage companies, primarily in brewing and the health food space, residential and civil construction, engineering and architecture firms, and various niche industries. My expertise includes facilitating shareholder buy-in and buy-outs, estate and gift tax planning, and fair value reporting, as well as modeling complicated instruments, such as non-vanilla warrants, and consulting with clients on operational value drivers.

What I love about business valuation is the art and science involved. The art of valuation is the ability to understand the interplay between the economics and the specific industry environment, while gauging the financial and operational performance and risks of a business. My clients appreciate this expertise — whether I’m determining the fair value of derivative instruments or consulting on how they can increase the value of their business.

With over 10 years of experience, I’m often asked to speak to clients’ boards of directors or at shareholder meetings to present and explain our conclusions. I received my B.A. in economics from the University of Colorado, and I belong to the CFA Society of Colorado.

I enjoy running, skiing, and spending time in the Rocky Mountains. I also love quality time with my wife and kids. Being an active part of their lives is very important to me, and I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to read to my kids every night (with the exception of the occasional business trip).