Headshot of Michael Blickhahn.

I started college as a physics major. It took me a few years of college to realize I wanted something where I interacted with people, eventually changing to a bachelor’s in health and safety with a plan of working in healthcare administration.
Michael Blickhahn


I specialize in human resources; payroll and timekeeping processes; policy; and systems consulting for organizations of all sizes. Many of my clients are looking to improve in these areas. This work can include assisting with requirements gathering, new system selections, system implementations, and related process and policy refinements.

Before joining the firm, I had several years’ experience administering and leading various HR functions while working for a county government, several healthcare systems, and a Fortune 50 retail organization. This included significant experience in benefit plan design, compensation administration, recruitment management, talent development and coaching, incentive programs, payroll and timekeeping, and all aspects of HR and payroll for mergers and acquisitions.

During any system implementation or process improvement effort, the biggest challenges our clients encounter is pushing themselves to consider a significant change in legacy processes or policy. Often, I can draw on my operational experience to help them understand the need for a process or policy change.

I’m a member of the Society for Human Resources Management and the International Public Management Administration for Human Resources. I received my bachelor’s in health and safety with a concentration in health administration from the University of Illinois.

Outside of work, I’m an avid golfer and competitive pool player. I enjoy living near a lake in Southern Wisconsin.