Headshot of Scott Patton

I’ve served on the board of directors for the 501(c)(3) Adoption Associates for several years, and we recently celebrated the placement of our 5,000th child in her new family.
Scott Patton
Senior manager


As the firm’s government operations practice leader, I help governments work better by focusing on how resources are organized, how processes are designed, and how technology can improve operations.I like what I do because helping government helps the people in communities and enriches their lives. It’s fun, too! Figuring out how to improve a process, how to restructure a department, or how to partner with a neighboring jurisdiction is like a puzzle, and I love the excitement when the pieces start to fit together. Variety is another factor that makes me so dedicated to my career — each community is so unique. I work with major cities, small townships, state agencies, and everything in between.

I’ve worn many hats over the years and have experienced government as an internal practitioner, an external consultant, an elected policymaker, and as a clueless resident. I remain active in my community by volunteering in a mixture of church and civic activities.

I spend most of my free time outdoors — hiking alongside or canoeing within one of Michigan’s many rivers. A rambling brook is such a peaceful sound. When I go fishing, I remove the barbs from my lures so that I never catch anything and always have an excuse for coming home empty-handed.