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Opportunity Zones

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Opportunity knocks. We’ll help you answer.

Do you want to unleash the power of the Opportunity Zone Program, but aren’t sure where to begin? Are you concerned about the burden of compliance or the effort to decipher technical tax laws? What’s your strategy for attracting investors or finding funding sources for your community? With nearly 9,000 designated opportunity zones across the country, these areas represent significant untapped potential — for those who know how to leverage the program.

We can help. Our specialists bring diverse and deep perspectives with backgrounds that cover operating businesses, technical tax laws, real estate investments, the governmental sector, private equity, franchises, and numerous other industries. We’ve invested countless hours immersing ourselves in the program and know how it can benefit developers, operating businesses, funds, investors, municipalities, and mission-driven organizations. Our team has been on the forefront of this program, publicly commenting on guidance, presenting at national conferences, and developing articles and webinars to help you take advantage of this opportunity.

From complex transaction structuring and regulatory compliance to fund formation and assisting municipalities in promoting their zones, our team will work with you to power this new tax incentive to your advantage. Done right, opportunity zones will transform communities and the businesses and people that call them home, while providing substantial tax benefits to the investors funding such growth. Let us be a part of the change in your community.


Opportunity zones

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34 min listen
Valerie Grunduski discusses opportunity zone fund tax considerations on the Opportunity Zones Podcast
How should you set up an opportunity zone fund — and what are the tax considerations? Listen in as Valerie discusses this and more on the Opportunity Zone Podcast.
Valerie Grunduski
In The News August 7, 2019 34 min listen
Powering investments: Opportunity zones for energy
Randy Strandberg
Article July 19, 2019 5 min read
Section 1231: The next big disruption for opportunity zones
Gordon Goldie
Article May 24, 2019 11 min read

Opportunity Zones Thought Leadership

  • Opportunity zones: Public comments on initial guidance from Treasury
    The TCJA introduced a new tax incentive for opportunity zones. Our experts submitted one of over 170 comment letters to the Treasury Department and IRS, providing recommendations for the final regulations.
    Valerie Grunduski Gordon Goldie
    Article February 28, 2019 2 min read
    Man reviewing news
  • My community has an opportunity zone — now what?
    There are more than 8,700 opportunity zones across the United States, and many communities within Michigan have one or more opportunity zones within their borders. What does this mean for your community, and how can you prepare for potential investment?
    Bill Brickey Kari Shea Alisha Watkins
    Article February 22, 2019 3 min read
    Business people meeting in a conference room with buildings visible in the background through the window.
  • Opportunity zones: What you need to know
    Have you heard about the new Opportunity Zones development incentive, but are not sure how it can be utilized for your organization?
    Webinar Tuesday, December 11, 2018 20 min watch
  • Opportunity zones and 1031 like kind exchanges
    Are you interested in the tax benefits offered by Opportunity Zones and 1031 like-kind exchanges, but aren’t sure of which to use?
    Webinar Wednesday, December 12, 2018 20 min watch
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Reinvest. Redevelop. Revitalize.

Our opportunity zones leader, Valerie Grunduski knows how vital it is to connect strategic partners and communities with the resources and incentives of this valuable program. “We’ve been deeply entrenched in the regulations and application of them since day one,” she says. “It’s exciting to collaborate with stakeholders, unveil creative solutions, and watch communities rise.”

Capital Gains Opportunity Fund

Working with Plante Moran on opportunity zones has been a truly enjoyable experience. Considering that opportunity zones are brand new, the knowledge and solutions our team at Plante Moran offers on a daily basis is remarkable. One of the biggest benefits we’ve received from working with them is that they don’t just understand the tax law and what it requires – they also have practical solutions and know how to apply the law and how to use it.

As a lawyer, I understand the law, but I can’t work it – that’s what our team at Plante Moran helps me do. When I ask a question, I appreciate that the answer is never just “No”. Even when I have a request that would be difficult (and maybe impossible) to pull off, the team starts working on the problem and thinking through our options and the numbers, then they tell me what’ll work and what won’t work. From a business perspective, this is crucial – the innovative and practical solutions the team offers are benefits I wouldn’t get from working with a law firm on opportunity zones.

Elliot Newman Managing director, Capital Gains Opportunity Fund