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Mergers & Acquisitions Tax

Plante Moran

Stay informed on tax rates and policy changes.

Stay informed on tax rates and policy changes.

Stay informed on tax rates and policy changes.

Mitigate tax exposure while maximizing transaction value

If you’re planning for the acquisition or sale of a business, engaging in both tax structuring and due diligence — in tandem with each other — is critical. These practices will both mitigate existing tax exposures and identify new tax strategies that will not only speed up the transaction process but also maximize return on your investment.
Our team members are experts in all elements of tax law and will work closely with you throughout all phases of a transaction. We’ll collaborate with you to implement tax planning ideas and ensure the transaction is reported as structured and the appropriate elections are made. We can help design and develop a comprehensive tax plan to optimize your savings opportunities, enhance cash flow, and increase the profitability of your organization.

Whether your transaction is domestic or cross-border, less than $1 million or more than $1 billion, we’ll make sure your interests are represented and protected throughout the negotiation, closing, and reporting processes.


Mergers & Acquisitions Tax Thought Leadership

Supporting your transaction from start to finish

When it comes to tax matters on mergers and acquisitions, you can count on our team to bring the resources you need based on the unique dynamics of your transaction. Our expertise ranges from taxable transactions to tax-free reorganizations.

Our tax structuring specialists can help you:

  • Structure your transaction to maximize tax efficiency.
  • Structure the acquisition or disposition of assets or equity.
  • Conduct a forward or reverse merger or other transaction-related reorganization.
  • Make a Section 338 and 336 election, if appropriate, to treat an equity transaction as asset transaction.
  • Quantify the benefits and the detriments of your transaction, working with your attorneys, investment bankers, and other advisors to achieve an optimal tax outcome.

Mike Monaghan, leader of the firm’s tax due diligence and structuring practice, says it best: “Whether you’re acquiring or selling a business, raising capital, expanding into new markets or industries, or restructuring your current organization, proper tax structuring can be the key to a successful transaction. We have experts in every area of a transaction you’d need, giving you peace of mind, knowing your transaction has all its bases covered, and giving you the biggest return on investment possible.”

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