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Our Expertise

Simplifying complex regulations

From a dynamic market place full of changing regulations and complex tax matters to questions of cybersecurity, data analytics, and the crucial role of IT, we can help you navigate your fast-paced world. Not only do we have relationships with the agencies you’re accountable to, we understand today’s pressing issues — and can see what tomorrow holds.

We have the expertise to help you remain in compliance, stay current on financial reporting standards, and implement industry best practices. Whether you’re family- or private equity-owned, we provide financial solutions and advisory services to help you grow and succeed.

  • For mortgage bankers, we know you’re challenged to reduce costs and increase profits while facing continued compliance pressure. Whether you’re grappling with the USAP review or Regulation AB, we can help you navigate the regulatory environment. We have experience accounting for MSRs as well as mortgage banking derivatives, including IRLCs and forward sales commitments. We can also help minimize your tax burden, strengthen your cybersecurity, and more.
  • We know a top priority for independent finance companies is access to capital. Because we work with major U.S. banks and PEG firms, we’re uniquely positioned to help you meet the needs of your customers. In this fast-paced marketplace, our understanding of the changing regulations — and stakeholder value — allows us to provide insights that help you map a practical approach for success.

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Client Experience

Expertise you can rely on

When you partner with us, you’ll have access to senior leadership in the lending industry. That means no matter how deep or complex your questions are, we’ve got experts who can help. We also value a personal touch, meaning we’re responsive and dedicated to constant communication, ensuring all of your concerns are met with thoughtful solutions.

“We’re relationship people,” says Rob Bondy, partner. “Our teams work great together, and we enjoy strong relationships with investors and the agencies that matter in this industry. That’s an advantage for clients. We can quickly get to the bottom of an issue and see what’s changing in the regulatory environment before it becomes a challenge for you.”