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Do you want to unleash the power of the Opportunity Zone Program, but aren’t sure where to begin? Are you concerned about the burden of compliance or the effort to decipher technical tax laws? What’s your strategy for attracting investors or finding funding sources for your community? With nearly 9,000 designated opportunity zones across the country, these areas represent significant untapped potential — for those who know how to leverage the program.

We can help. Our specialists bring diverse and deep perspectives with backgrounds that cover operating businesses, technical tax laws, real estate investments, the governmental sector, private equity, franchises, and numerous other industries. We’ve invested countless hours immersing ourselves in the program and know how it can benefit developers, operating businesses, funds, investors, municipalities, and mission-driven organizations. Our team has been on the forefront of this program, publicly commenting on guidance, presenting at national conferences, and developing articles and webinars to help you take advantage of this opportunity.

From complex transaction structuring and regulatory compliance to fund formation and assisting municipalities in promoting their zones, our team will work with you to power this new tax incentive to your advantage. Done right, opportunity zones will transform communities and the businesses and people that call them home, while providing substantial tax benefits to the investors funding such growth. Let us be a part of the change in your community.

    Fueling the engines of economic growth

    The Opportunity Zone Program might be new to you, but it’s not to us. We’re here to support your opportunity zone project, from exploring the business climate and identifying real estate projects to connecting with developers and marketing to investors.

    Let us help with:

    Do you know how to minimize ineligible assets and exposure to penalties? Would your investors be comforted receiving a report indicating that your investments are expected to comply with the opportunity zone program requirements? Do you need help with tax structuring or bookkeeping? We’re well-versed in compliance requirements, opportunity fund structures, and outsourced accounting, as well as opportunity zone (AUP) reports, and financial projections.
    Opportunity zones provide tax benefits, but are you prepared for the accompanying requirements? Since investments in qualified opportunity zones can be complex, we’ll educate you on tax deferrals, deferred gains, and the nuances of opportunity funds and their role in your portfolio.
    Do you know how to market your region to investors and developers? With a wide breadth of governmental industry experience, our partners will work with you to generate socially impactful projects. We’ll help you identify opportunities, attract investors, and will seamlessly coordinate amongst all stakeholders.
    Operating businesses
    Are you a startup seeking to make your mark in the community or a legacy company invested in your neighborhood’s revitalization? We’ll help determine if you’re a good candidate for the Opportunity Zone Program. Our opportunity zone experts will help identify deal flow, discover new business opportunities, and work with economic development organizations to ensure you’re plugged in to the opportunities that can accelerate your growth.
    Real estate developers
    Are you looking to attract investors? Do you need guidance tapping into the Opportunity Zone Program? Our professionals can help you access this niche group of investors and uncover local opportunities within these zones. We’ll help structure your deal and the related technical regulations so that you maximize your returns and don’t spend time fighting legal battles.
    Are you daunted by compliance requirements? Are you aware of all available federal and state tax incentives? Our national tax team will assist with financial projection models, transaction structuring, and tax planning. We’ll help you cut through the complexity and maximize all community development incentives to unlock necessary capital.


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    Client Experience

    Reinvest. Redevelop. Revitalize.

    Our opportunity zones leader, Valerie Grunduski knows how vital it is to connect strategic partners and communities with the resources and incentives of this valuable program. “We’ve been deeply entrenched in the regulations and application of them since day one,” she says. “It’s exciting to collaborate with stakeholders, unveil creative solutions, and watch communities rise.”