Multi Employer Plans

Our Expertise

Multi-employer plans, also known as Taft-Hartley funds, present unique administrative, governance, reporting, and auditing issues. We appreciate the fiduciary responsibility plan trustees face — and the scrutiny by the Department of Labor. Our proprietary audit approach ensures a thorough, cost-effective process. Our experienced teams leverage technology to identify and focus on higher risk areas in multi-employer plans, including payroll audits, collectability of receivables, cost sharing, and actuarial present value of accumulated benefits/benefit obligations, including related census testing.

Client Experience

Our Team

Our benefit plan team specializes in the unique aspects of multi-employer plans and has extensive experience auditing and consulting on some of the largest funds in the country. We regularly consult with fund trustees, administrators, and attorneys on issues affecting these funds. Our expertise means we efficiently identify and resolve issues quickly, and suggest best practices so you benefit from our vast experience. With audit partners specifically dedicated to multi-employer plans, we're nationally recognized for our work with these plans. We're frequent presenters at national conferences, sharing our insights with trustees, third-party administrators, and other professionals.