The Mobility Forecast, powered by AFS

More accurate auto forecasting data. Unmatched insights.

How would your business strategy change if you better understood what OEMs are planning? The Mobility Forecast, powered by AFS, is a subscription service that combines AutoForecast Solutions (AFS) data with Plante Moran insight. AFS brings projection forecasting volume for every vehicle program for the next seven years, as well as information for upcoming launches that may drive future opportunities. We break down automotive industry models and data into insights and visualizations you can quickly understand — and act on.

Our Mobility Forecast program gives you access to an integrated, comprehensive collection of automotive industry analysis and data intelligence, practical planning checklists, financial modeling, and management consulting services. As the industry shifts rapidly to vehicle electrification, we’ll use OEM productions projections, mobility forecasts, and auto forecasting data to help your business excel. Get in touch with our mobility experts or request a free demo below.

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Data, insights, and action plans to help you keep pace

We recognized that many in the industry are working with no data, bad data, or data without insights. We created the Mobility Forecast, powered by AFS, to address this gap and provide the most accurate data possible, with the insights you need to make faster, smarter decisions. Improve your quoting, get deeper competitive insights, and see future OEM needs more clearly.

This service showcases historical and future vehicle production, powertrain and electrification data supported by analytics, and reports from our automotive industry experts. A variety of customizable tiered-membership options are available to suit your business needs, with AFS consulting options to make strategy building more seamless.

Chart showcasing the different AFS subscription packages.

Build your custom subscription plan

Contact us today to understand what membership package is right for your business. Our experts work with you to interpret the data and provide strategic solutions to position your business for success.

Membership has its privileges

Customize your subscription plan to suit your needs. Every tier receives data and insights you can’t get anywhere else, adjusted to the level of support for your business needs. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll receive:

What’s now, what’s next: Exclusive data and insights