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Navigating the tax consequences for nonprofit and for-profit healthcare system affiliations

Presented By:
Amy Ciminello Alyssa Kent Maggie Matthews
December 6, 2023
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When looking to expand or affiliate your healthcare organization with a new entity, there are numerous factors to consider, and the details can be complicated. In this view on-demand webinar, our experts provide insight into tax considerations, tax “traps,” and more before making your decision.
Business professionals discussing regulations on tax credits.Is your healthcare system currently looking into expanding or affiliating with a new entity? We can help break down the different tax structures and other considerations in our view on-demand webinar, “Navigating the tax consequences for nonprofit and for-profit healthcare system affiliations.”

Our team of healthcare tax experts will give an introduction to IRC 501(c)(3) entities regarding private inurement, private benefit, excess benefits, as well as unrelated business income activities in the scope of changing or expanding a healthcare system’s structure. We’ll break down the different entity choices when it comes to expanding or affiliating with an unrelated entity, such as joint venture, LLC, partnership, taxable C corporation, S corporation, or tax-exempt entity.

Learning objectives:

  • Introduce IRC 501(c)(3) entities and their tax complexities in expansion and affiliations.
  • Understand different entity choices when expanding or affiliating.
  • Identify tax “traps” such as with taxable C corporations and S corporations.

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