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Staff member gets Plante Moran tattoo as part of office scavenger hunt

March 13, 2019 Article 1 min read
Would you get a tattoo of your organization for 1,000 points in a scavenger hunt? Us either. But, staff member Nick Presley did.

 Photo of Nick Presley

To celebrate the end of a busy season, Plante Moran’s Kalamazoo office held a scavenger hunt. Staff could win points for virtually everything: pumping gas for a stranger, videotaping their group singing the “Friends” theme song, calling a management team member, or asking the very important question: “Is your refrigerator running?” (That one never gets old.)

But, only one double-dog-dare-you item was worth a whopping 1,000 points — “Do you bleed Plante Moran blue? Prove it. Get a Plante Moran tattoo.”

No way anyone would ever do that, right? Wrong.

You see, Assurance Staff Member Nick Presley likes to win. And, he likes Plante Moran. So, a few minutes after seeing that challenge, he found himself in a tattoo shop getting an official Plante Moran “Make the Mark” tattoo on his foot.

What did Nick and his team win for his sacrifice? A group of (very tiny) trophies.

Was it worth it? “Sure, why not?” says Nick. “I figure it’ll be a good story to tell and a fun reminder of the good time our team had that day.”

It’s definitely a great story to tell — and one we’re happy to share.

Nick shows off his new Plante Moran logo tattoo on his foot.
Nick Presley shows off his new ink.


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