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Are you prepared for the next disruption? An enterprise risk management handbook

October 21, 2021 White Paper 16 min read
Troy Snyder Jack Kristan Matthew Bohdan

Risk management is critical to every organization, yet many leaders don’t think seriously enough about it until it’s too late. Enterprise risk management helps mitigate risks and, ultimately, realize value. Our handbook pulls back the curtain to show how.

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Successful enterprise risk management (ERM) weaves risk considerations into decision-making on strategy, culture, and operations. It’s anything but a once-and-done task; rather, it’s a continuous process and framework that impacts all aspects of your organization and protects it from threats to your business objectives.

But many organizations don’t fully understand ERM, and they haven’t developed an integrated risk management framework. This is a missed opportunity — and a risk all on its own.

What’s inside the enterprise risk management handbook

In this ERM handbook, we break down enterprise risk management to show how a formalized ERM framework can transform an organization’s culture, improve performance, and create value. The handbook covers:

  • The ERM value proposition
  • Five components of the ERM framework and the key aspects of its infrastructure
  • Real-world ERM examples that show how ERM can mitigate common risks
  • How leaders can build a risk-aware culture and capabilities
  • How leading organizations put ERM into practice
  • A sample risk playbook
  • ERM success factors and integrated risk management solutions

Learn how to improve decision-making for risk across your organization.

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