Enterprise Risk Management

Our Expertise

Take a proactive approach to enterprise risk management.

When it comes to enterprise risk management, too often organizations react to threats after the damage is done. That’s why a proactive approach is imperative for protecting your business, your customers, and your reputation. Our seasoned risk experts can help. From compliance concerns, to cybersecurity, to internal fraud, we know where you’re most vulnerable, and we’ll help you develop a proactive risk management plan to keep you protected.

A holistic risk management program.

We’ll help you prepare for and respond to risks that impact your organization every day, from risk consulting, to process design and implementation. Our enterprise risk management services include:

Interim risk staffing

If there’s a disruption to your risk management team structure, our experts can seamlessly fill the gap to keep you invulnerable to daily risks.

Internal audit

Once we’ve identified and assessed your business processes, our internal audit team will test the effectiveness and reliability of your controls. We’ll report back with our findings and recommendations.

Internal control design

If you have a weak, broken, or missing process, we can improve upon existing controls or design new ones. Our internal control design services range from accounting controls to operational controls and more.

Internal controls assessment

We’ll collaborate with you to understand your internal controls and where you may be vulnerable and then create a plan of action to test your processes.

Risk assessment

We’ll assess your approach to risk management and provide a comprehensive risk analysis so you can decide next steps.

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance

If you’re a public company, or a private company that anticipates going public, we’re here to help with your SOX compliance needs. We’ll show you how to strengthen your people, processes, and technology with our full SOX program, which includes:

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Client Experience

A global, comprehensive view on risk

Our seasoned experts have seen where vulnerabilities can occur in all areas of your business. From compliance concerns, to cybersecurity, to internal fraud, we know what to look for based on decades of experience with all types of organizations — across every industry.

Because of that experience, we can quickly pinpoint vulnerabilities and potential issues and keep your business on track.