Our Expertise

Conquer challenges and leverage opportunities

The pressure on today’s banks is relentless. Rapidly changing regulations. Complex reporting requirements. Cybersecurity risks. As the decision-maker, it’s challenging to be responsible for such high stakes.

Our team has extensive experience and technical expertise in the banking industry, with both community and regional banks. We tailor our approach and solutions to your distinct needs, even as they change over time. From internal audit, loan review, and trust audit services to regulatory compliance, technology audit, and other risk management services, we’re prepared to help you address any challenge — and leverage every opportunity.

Our 200 professionals also participate in myriad national and state associations for bankers, including the American Bankers Association, the Independent Community Bankers of America, and the Financial Managers Society. We regularly attend and present at all major conferences, such as the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) National Convention, the AICPA National Banking Conference, the AICPA SEC Conference, and the ABA national conferences.

You see challenges, we see solutions

When you face challenges, we’re there to tackle them head-on with you, and make sure we protect your organization from internal and external threats.

Let us help you with:

Do you feel sufficiently protected from threats within and outside your organization? If you want to keep your customers’ trust and uphold your reputation, then safeguarding sensitive data and intellectual property is more important than ever.
Internal audits
Are you overwhelmed by reporting requirements? Do you have quality governance systems in place? Our experts will perform a comprehensive internal audit that will provide independent assurance to your board that your internal controls are effective, keeping your reputation intact.
Loan review
How well are you currently evaluating the overall quality of your loan portfolio? Do you feel you’re adequately identifying, measuring, and performing a root-cause analysis of any loan quality concerns? Skilled at providing independent reviews of loan relationships, our team will promote timely identification and subsequent monitoring of abnormal risk.
Regulatory compliance
Did you know a well-designed, properly implemented regulatory compliance review program can add significant value to your bank? It’s true — and we can help with services from BSA reviews and model validation to compliance and privacy reviews to anti-money laundering and an HMDA/fair lending review.
Is your tax team supported by digitized processes, cost-saving approaches, and strategic ideas? Our specialists have all of this, plus extensive experience in myriad tax areas — which translates to a stronger bank.
Technology audits
Are you having a hard time balancing transparency and risk mitigation? Are you confident you’re securing your customers’ private information? In accordance with the FFIEC, we’ll provide a rigorous analysis of your IT areas to help you effectively manage and monitor IT risk now — and as your bank continues to grow.

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Client Experience

Collaborating for your success

We have more than 50 years’ experience serving clients just like you. We apply this deep industry knowledge to every engagement, providing customized solutions to your unique situation — and with one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry, the same team members will collaborate with you for every step of your engagement.

In an industry rife with complexity and change, it’s reassuring to partner with people you can depend on to see your project all the way through. Like our financial services practice leader Brian Franey often tells clients, “Our staff know this industry and they act as key business advisors for our clients, helping them grow and thrive in a tough regulatory environment.”

Our clients say

When considering providers for our CECL model validation, we sought a firm experienced with our CECL software solution. In addition to their thorough understanding of the software, Plante Moran’s ability to consider interactions between the software, our institution’s operations, regulatory guidance, and technical accounting requirements was extremely valuable. Our team had already invested significant time planning and designing the model, but Plante Moran was able to help us critically evaluate concepts and offer suggestions for ways to make improvements. Since we didn't have to spend time educating them on the software, we were able to focus on the appropriateness of the model assumptions and the related outputs and have already made enhancements to our model as a result.

Keith Suchodolski
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Kearny Bank