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October 6, 2020 White Paper 15 min read

Download the Plante Moran & IASA COVID-19 Insurance Benchmarking Survey Report. You'll find actionable insights to help your organization adapt faster, emerge stronger, and prepare for the next disruption. 

Close-up of hands typing on a laptop.Navigating the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic will take strategy, focus, and a long-term view. What you do now will have a significant impact on your organization’s ability to recover, adapt, and grow — but you don’t have to navigate this new environment alone. Plante Moran and IASA conducted a nationwide survey of insurance companies to better understand the pandemic’s impact on the industry and the strategies companies should try employing to recover. Download the report to learn how your response compares to your peers and uncover strategies to help you succeed in today’s challenging environment.

Report highlights: 

  • Data and insights on the methods insurance companies are using to mitigate risk during the pandemic, such as revisions to reporting controls, expanding IT capabilities, and restoring loss of financial stability. 
  • Tactics insurance companies are using to grow their technology capabilities as a result of the pandemic, such as expanding data capabilities and mobilizing their workforce. 
  • Tactics insurance companies are using to recover and transform their organizations post-COVID-19, such as revised organizations strategies, new operational models, and identifying new paths of revenue or growth in key business areas. 

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