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Cybersecurity: Action items for every family office

February 15, 2022 White Paper 1 min read
Joe Oleksak Colin Taggart
As family offices expand their technology footprint, cyberattacks are rising. Hackers continue to refine their approaches, but key controls and proactive planning can strengthen your family office cybersecurity defenses. We share action items for any family office.
Close-up view of a business professional holding a cell phone.Cyberattacks continue to increase, and family offices are particularly vulnerable to hackers. Family names are well known, and public information is available regarding family wealth, which can put dollar signs in the eyes of cybercriminals. At the same time, family offices are expanding their technology footprint, which requires increased focus on security across a wider range of devices, vendors, and cloud platforms. As we discussed in "The new  family  office 5.0 model," family  offices typically  are structured in one of four  ways: as single-family  offices (SFO), multifamily  offices (MFO), virtual-family  offices (VFO), and hybrid-family  offices (HFO). Each of the four  most common family  office structures has its own unique security  threats.

We share key action items to strengthen any family office’s cybersecurity defenses.

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